The Slimline CD Jewel Case is half thickness of a Standard CD Jewel Case. The thin case allows for greater space utilization and shipping efficiencies, it allows you to safely package any standard size CD or DVD. Made of high quality hard plastic, this Slimline CD Jewel Case product features clips to hold standard size case inserts and a Clear Frosted Back Tray Card. They're a great space saving packaging solution.

Slim 5.2mm Single Clear CD Disc Storage Jewel Cases (200)

SKU: 000014
    • Room for a front panel insert. Great alternative to the traditional jewel case.

    • Half thickness of regular jewel case size.

    • Durable, lightweight.

    • Fit 8cm or 12cm CD/DVD discs.

    • Protects your CD or CDR from dirt, scratches, moisture, heat and rough handling.

    • Dimension: 142 x 124 x 5.2mm

    • Shape: Square/Rectangular

    • Material: Polypropylene