Alaska media offers grade A Quality CD Duplication and Replication with full color Thermal and inkjet prints for any artist that want to put their name out there and be able to promote themselves and their music. Great for promotional mixtapes and single releases. Comes with CDs, Full 4-panel Digipak with Clear disc tray. Full color Disc, Packaged and Shrink wrapped Great to pass out at concerts and social networking events!

DigiPak Cases With Replication

  • Please send an email to with all the desired Artwork that you would like printed on the disc and the Digipak cases. If you would like please provide us with a messege do we can send you the correct template for your order.  if any questions, comments or concerns please contact 954-792-0711 for any assistance with placing the order.

  • Ussual Replication turnaround is from 14-30 Business days proccessing time for orders depending on Cutomer Volume, Artwork corrections, and approval of sample before print. R