Sturdy weather resistant 4mm coroplast signs

Great for yard or parking signs. Depending on it's use, the material will have to be oriented appropriately to ensure the flutes are vertical, in order to be able to use H-stakes with the sign.  Printed signs may show a linear effect on artwork due to its' corrugated flute structure. 

18" x 24" Yard Signs

    • Bleed: 1/16" (.0625 of an inch) will be trimmed off each side of your product.
    • Borders: Borders should be .25" thick from the bleed edge (3/16" or .1875" from trim). 3/16" is minimum border recommended.
    • Safe Area:
      • Elements too close to or over the trim edge may trim into or leave a visible leak.
      • Borders thinner than 3/16" from bleed edge may appear uneven when trimmed.
      • Images bordering the trim edge may cause a leak on final cards. Images should "bleed" off the page.
    • Images: CMYK @ 300dpi (1200dpi for Bitmaps)
    • Postal regulations: If your cards will be mailed, please ensure that your layout complies with the USPS Postal Regulations.