Terms Of Service



ALASKA MEDIA reserves the right to change its prices at any time without notice. Prices are subject to change if project materials (including, but not limited to CD/DVD masters, audio files, graphic files, photos, signed Intellectual Property Rights Form, payment) are not received according to quote. ALASKA MEDIA accepts payment via cash, VISA and MasterCard. Payment will have to be received in full before any production starts.



ALASKA MEDIA's standard production time is 10 full business days (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 06:00 PM, not including holidays) after all materials (including, but not limited to CD/DVD master, graphics files, audio files, video files, Intellectual Property Rights Form) needed for production has been approved by Customer and all production ready materials and payment has been received and approved by ALASKA MEDIA. Failure to comply with ALASKA MEDIA specifications in any file format will delay your project. Production times are estimates, not guarantees.



ALASKA MEDIA requires that the Customer must be the intellectual property rights owner, lessee or license holder of all disc content submitted to ALASKA MEDIA, and authorize its duplication. The Customer must also be the intellectual property rights owner, lessee or license holder of all graphic content submitted to ALASKA MEDIA, and authorize its printing.



ALASKA MEDIA guarantees all manufactured and printed material against defects in quality and workmanship in accordance with industry standards. This guarantee is limited to replacement of defective product or price of defective product refunded at ALASKA MEDIA discretion. This is only valid under the following conditions: ALASKA MEDIA has received written notification of defect within thirty (30) days of shipping product. Defective product has been returned to ALASKA MEDIA and said defect has been accepted by ALASKA MEDIA. ALASKA MEDIA accepts that product has not been tampered with after it left ALASKA MEDIA's premises. ALASKA MEDIA is not liable for any direct or indirect loss of revenue or profit, or other financial damages suffered by Customer for any reason whatsoever.




ALASKA MEDIA expects to receive print ready digital graphics files from Customer, unless otherwise agreed. ALASKA MEDIA will email digital PDF proofs and expect this to be approved before any production will begin. Customer is encouraged to look these over closely for content and layout and notify ALASKA MEDIA of approval or request changes or ask any questions. Once ALASKA MEDIA has received approval of proofs, any change request may incur additional fees. ALASKA MEDIA is not responsible for any spelling, content or layout errors in proofs that has been approved by Customer or its representative. Please be aware that digital PDF files does not necessarily give an accurate color representation of what printed product will look like. Hard copy proofs are available at Customer request, at an additional charge.



ALASKA MEDIA is not obligated to return materials submitted to us for duplication/printing, assuming that Customer has copies / originals of everything. ALASKA MEDIA will treat Customer materials with the utmost respect, but ALASKA MEDIA specifically denies all responsibilities for any damage or loss to Customer materials, while in our care. ALASKA MEDIA does not insure Customer materials. ALASKA MEDIA will keep all files pertaining to a project for 1 year from order / re-order date.



ALASKA MEDIA is located in Florida, so there is SALES TAX on any product manufactured by, or service provided by ALASKA MEDIA. ALASKA MEDIA is not responsible for any damage that might occur during shipping. In case of said damage, please contact the carrier with your claim immediately. Even though ALASKA MEDIA is not responsible for shipping damage, please let us know and we’ll assist in your claim.



ALASKA MEDIA reserves the right to use Customer’s design and/or finished product to show prospective or current clients the work that we do. ALASKA MEDIA reserves the right to modify any part of it, to suit our needs in any media that we see appropriate. ALASKA MEDIA will not indicate that it is selling said product. If you do not wish us to use your product for such purposes, please say so in writing when placing your order.


ALASKA MEDIA reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order.